Based on the Child Development Permit Matrix, what are the two options for getting an Assistant Teacher permit?

Below are the different options for getting different permit on the right, drag and drop the two correct options for getting an Assistant permit into the empty boxes on the left.

Education Requirement: 6 units of Early Childhood Education (ECE) or Child Development (CD) Experience Requirement: None

Alternative Qualifications: AA Degree or higher in Early Childhood Education (ECE) /Child Development (CD) or related field with 3 units supervised field experience in ECE/CD setting

Education Requirement: units Early Childhood Education (ECE) /Child Development (CD) including core courses Experience Requirement:50 days of 3+ hours per day within 2 years.

Alternative Qualifications: Accredited HERO Program (including ROP)

Alicia Kelly - Preschool Assistant Teacher

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