Monika - Infant/Toddler Teacher

Cherrel - Infant/Toddler Teacher

Watch the two Infant Toddler Teachers talk about the challenges and rewards that they have for being an Infant/Toddler Teacher. Use the tabs with their corresponding names to switch between the videos. When you familiarize yourself with their challenges and rewards, scroll down and complete the activity.

What do you think you would like about being an Infant/Toddler Teacher and what would you find challenging?

Click on the check boxes below to choose which rewards and challenges that may apply to you. You may select multiple boxes. After reviewing the rewards and challenges activity add a journal entry about your personal challenges and rewards.




Do the rewards outweigh the challenges for you? Why or why not?

You can continue to add on to your journal from other professions after you save your entry. Make sure you print your journal before leaving the website.

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