Teresa Stover - Family Child Care Provider

To start a family child care home, Teresa mentioned numbers of steps that are necessary for the process of applying and obtaining a family child care home license. Click on "Teresa's List" to open it.

Preparing for having a family child care home for yourself, place the various steps of procedures in correct order based on the License Application and Instructions for Family Child Care document. Below is the list of procedures on the right, drag and drop each procedure into the empty boxes on the left in the correct order.

Submit all the required forms with the non-refundable application fee. Home should be ready for inspection

Complete 12 hours of Preventive Health Practices training

Attend Orientation

Obtain a tuberculosis clearance

Obtain application

Contact the local Resource and Referral agency

Obtain a background check and fingerprints through Livescan or transfer existing clearances for all adults living or working in the home

Wait for welcome letter with assigned facility number

Schedule pre-licensing visit

A license is granted only after all requirements are met

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