Family child care providers can choose which populations of children they want to work with. Look at the statements below and choose the set of statements that best describes you to find out which population would best suit your personality.


I enjoy children who are highly dependent on me for their daily care.
I am reliable, flexible and willing to plan my day around the children’s needs.


I enjoy working with children who are sometimes very independent but still in need of constant supervision.
I enjoy listening to the early development of language in children and answering the question “what’s this?” many times throughout the day.


I enjoy watching children explore everything in sight, develop friendships, and question “why” on a regular basis.
I like keeping regular routines with an only slightly flexible schedule.
I am OK with reading the same stories over and over and allowing children to complete the same task over and over until they have had enough.


I enjoy children who are beginning to read or read well already.
I am willing to have the children make some of the.
I enjoy coming up with new ideas on a regular basis.
I enjoy active play outside.

Teresa Stover - Family Child Care Provider

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